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Nicole DeChirico, LCSW-C

Mental Health Therapist, Wellness Coach & EFT Practitioner and Co-Owner

Nicole has been working in the field of mental health for over 15 years.  Her training began with her working in the Public Mental Health System for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in 2003, in various positions over her 8 years there.  Nicole went on to work as the Director for Crisis Interventions Services for Grassroots for the next 3 years followed by a year at HopeWorks of Howard County.  She and her co-owner founded Restorative Counseling and Wellness Center in 2016.

Nicole leans more towards the coaching end of the spectrum and is aggressive in her treatment strategies when working with clients.  She values not only the absence of symptoms, pain and suffering but will work with you to help you to achieve the goals in your life.   This upward spiral is what many of us aspire to, but can't figure how to get on the path.  Let Nicole be your guide on this journey of your life.  With evidence based interventions and care and dedication, change is possible.

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