KristiLee is a passionate mental health client advocate with over a decade of experience. As a

person-centered clinician and an empathetic administrator of meeting clients needs in crisis, trauma,

mental illness, substance abuse, and similar stressors; she is well prepared to work side-by-side with

individuals and guide the entire team through the often confusing processes of leading toward


Her practice includes personality, psychotic, and adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety, and grief

issues, trauma, and relationship conflicts. She presents successful strategies and offers a

non-judgmental support to individuals and groups struggling with transitional issues and/or those

who are in need of a long term supportive environment. KristiLee strongly believes that change can

happen in one’s life at any point. Engaging with them where they are at is the very first step.

KristiLee’s accredited academic training in social work - including a Bachelor of Arts degree from

Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a Clinical Mental Health Master’s degree (MSW) from the

University of Maryland Baltimore - along with subsequent volunteering and internship experience

has truly set the foundation for her career and passion in the field of mental health.

You can reach her at or by phone at: (302) 643-9323