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Chantel Alexander is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) in Maryland and graduate from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She has a passion to help clients unpack their trauma, develop self-compassion, and know that their life is worth living. Chantel has experience working with a diverse population from all walks of life with a trauma informed lens. She uses a variety of treatment modalities to help clients with depression, trauma, women’s issues, and anxiety.


She understands that it is challenging finding the right therapist, especially as a person of color. In addition to utilizing trauma-informed care, Chantel uses a social justice lens and cultural awareness to help clients develop self-esteem and navigate life’s challenges. “Be kind to yourself” is one of Chantel's favorite phrases. Chantel can assist you in understanding yourself better and improving your quality of life. She wants to create a safe, authentic space for you to bloom.

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